Grassroots Newsletter 10/22

Grassroots Newsletter 10/22
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With just 15 days left before Election Day, we are running out of time. And if we want to win, we all have to play our part.
Thank you to everyone who has knocked doors or made phone calls in these past few weeks – your efforts are invaluable and have made a concrete difference in this election. But now my question to you is: what are you going to do in these last 15 days to elect Democrats?
In these last two weekends, our field team is pushing full steam ahead to turn out the vote, but they need your help.
We know that the best way to increase turnout is to have face to face conversations with voters and help them make a plan to vote on Election Day. In these final days, can we count on you to knock doors and have those crucial conversations?
Click below to sign up to canvass during these last two weekends and do your part to ensure a Democratic victory on November 6th!
Saturday, 10/27 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID]) Sunday, 10/28 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID]) – Saturday, 11/3 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID]) Sunday, 11/4 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID]) Money, 11/5 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID]) Tuesday, 11/6 Canvasses: Click HERE ([UNIQID])
See you all on the doors! Please continue to use this newsletter as a tool for your local committee meetings or as a supplement to your own newsletter.
As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.
Sue Ford Sarah Guggenheimer NHDP Grassroots Chair Deputy Communications Director, Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader NHDP ( (
Emma Tyler Erin Turmelle Organizing Director, NHDP Coordinated Campaign Director, NHDP e ( ( ( Table of Contents * Meet your Coordinated Campaign Field Team * Watch and Share: Our Democratic Nominees’ Ads! * Sununu Reality Check * Supporter Housing * Check out the NHDP Store * Social Media * Letters to the Editor * Absentee Ballots * Get Involved

** Meet your Coordinated Campaign Field Team ———————————————————— The New Hampshire Coordinated Campaign Regional Organizing Directors are: Hannah Chisholm Hannah is the Regional Organizing Director in Hillsborough County! Contact her at or (603) 459-5972
Maria Dieters Maria is the Regional Organizing Director in Rockingham County! Contact her at or (954) 336-3350
Slate Goodwin Slate is the Regional Organizing Director in Belknap, Coos, Grafton, and Merrimack Counties! Contact him at or (205) 737-5423
Austin Graber Austin is the Regional Organizing Director in the Greater Manchester area! Contact him at or (402) 689-1911.
Tom Sullivan
Tom is the Regional Organizing Director in Sullivan, Cheshire, Hillsborough towns, and the Upper Valley! Contact him at or (571) 379-2616
Bryce Trzebiatowski Bryce is the Regional Organizing Director in Carroll and Strafford Counties! Contact him at or (715) 630-1872.
Claire Cheramie Claire is the Campus Organizing Director! Contact her at or (504) 495-7783. Meet our Coordinated Campaign Field Organizers:
Senate District 1 – Roddy Emley, or (603) 348-3795 and Meghan Hoskins, or (317) 263-4040 Senate District 2 – Krum Bakalov, or (610) 761-5004 and Chris Howe, (970) 471-1635 Senate District 3 – Finn Galloway-Kane, or (802) 535-7796 Senate District 4 – Faith Kelnhofer, or (706) 308-7428 and Max Eberstadt-Beattie, or (917) 445-7697 Senate District 5 – Ben Goodman, or (216) 272-8529 and Roy Lawrence, or (586) 216-1179 Senate District 6 – Isabella Creatura, or (347) 205-7738 Senate District 7 – Becca Day, or (603) 969-7878 and Ustina Ibrahim, or (909) 2475879 Senate District 8 – Josh Gravlee, or 205-213-7539 and Reese Goldsmith, or (703) 887-7730 Senate District 9 – Jillian Seigel, or (781) 307-0921 and Katherine Connolly, or (910) 508-4100 Senate District 10 – Reilly Tegan, or (612) 889-9497 and Will Poling, or (203) 258-5360 Senate District 11 – Chloe Singer, or (781) 572-0829 and Lucas Harrington, or (413) 992-7698 Senate District 12 – Austin Weihmiller, or (808) 722-1215 and Zachary Reshovsky, or (360) 298-2797 Senate District 13 – Daisy Tito, or (951) 858-4733 and Ryan O’Neill, ( or (508) 944-7748 Senate District 14 – Shaun Spinney, or (603) 303-5125 Senate District 15 – Sam Auerbach, or (917) 573-0165 and Lindsey McEntee, or (216) 346-8504 Senate District 16 – Olivia Bergen, or (603) 486-1926, Chantelle Rioux, or (603) 851-1020, and Brandon Katz, or (646) 306-6989 Senate District 17 – Tyler Stitt, or (603) 714-1394 Senate District 18 – Sebastian Febres, or (603) 682-7178 and Gabe Harrison, or (908) 635-8055 Senate District 19 – Brandon Brandenburg, or (804) 994-4041 Senate District 20 – Amanda Feigin, or (845) 271-9007 Senate District 21 – Blake Waranch, or (407) 666-9899, Aidan Horgan, or (978) 987-8980, and Danny O’Leary, or (603) 205-9164 Senate District 22 – Donnie Spencer, or (317) 371-6869 Senate District 23 – Julia Derby, or (914) 356-2990 and Cam McClimans, or (703) 973-7087 Senate District 24 – Jesse Braughton, or (813) 395-1234 and Christian Lange, or (917) 280-4620 Keene State College Organizer – Claire Cheramie, or (504) 495-7783 Dartmouth College Organizer – Gigi Gunderson, or (612) 889-9497 Plymouth State University Organizer – Paige Schoppmann, or (802) 734-6084 University of New Hampshire Organizer – Gates MacPerson, or (603) 770-6175 University of New Hampshire Organizer – Marissa Parker-Bair, or (207) 440-3111
Please reach out to our Field Organizers to get some coffee and discuss how YOU can get involved in the Midterm elections!
** Watch and Share: Our Democratic Nominees’ Ads! ———————————————————— From Molly Kelly:

From Chris Pappas:[UNIQID] From Congresswoman Annie Kuster:[UNIQID]
** Sununu Reality Check ————————————————————[UNIQID] Apparently, Governor Sununu thinks that Democrats don’t work hard. He thinks we’re just sitting back and lazing around while Republicans are putting in the field work.
Well, Governor Sununu, we have a message for you: Democrats are NOT lazy, but you know what is? Collecting checks from big corporations and doing what they want instead of fighting for hardworking Granite Staters. With 15 days left, it’s clear your corporations-over-people agenda isn’t generating organic support. You’ll see what we’ve been up to on 11/6.
Follow Sununu Reality Check on Twitter ([UNIQID]) , Facebook ([UNIQID]) , and check out our website ([UNIQID]) ( ([UNIQID]) ) to get updates on how we’re holding Sununu accountable.
** Supporter Housing ————————————————————
In these last four weeks, we have lots of past staff and volunteers offering to come help, but they need a place to stay. Can you host a former staff member? Whether it is for a week or through election day – any little bit helps. Please fill out THIS FORM ([UNIQID]) () if you are able to house a volunteer or staff member.
** Check out the NHDP Store ———————————————————— Click HERE ([UNIQID]) to buy your NHDP swag today!
** Social Media ————————————————————
** Click on the Tweet to View it on Twitter ————————————————————[UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID]
** Letters to the Editor ————————————————————
** Voting for Gov. Sununu Would be a Mistake ———————————————————— By: Garry Patton Seacoast Online: READ HERE ([UNIQID])
** Pappas Will Protect Social Security ———————————————————— By: State Rep. Mary Heath Heath Union Leader: READ HERE ([UNIQID])
Vote for Kuster By: John McAllister Nashua Telegraph: READ HERE ([UNIQID])
** Young People Can Make a Difference ———————————————————— By: Jonathan Harris Foster’s Daily Democrat: READ HERE (…[UNIQID])

** Don’t Buy GOP Claims on Health Care Access ———————————————————— By: Ginnie Goulet Gavrin Keene Sentinel: READ HERE (

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