Grassroots Newsletter 11/19

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Dear Friend,

Last week I had the honor of participating in the first Caucus of the new Democratic House majority. As I walked into Representatives Hall, it was striking to see the hundreds of other Democratic State Representatives and State Representatives-elect eager to get to work and represent their constituents. It was an incredible, concrete proof of what we accomplished on November 6th.

Together we took back the State House, State Senate, and Executive Council. Together we took back Congress. And together we elected the most diverse group of people to represent the state than ever before.

The work wasn’t easy, but it paid off, and for that we all deserve some time to celebrate and relax.

Today’s edition will be the final Grassroots Newsletter of 2018. We’ll resume as usual starting next year with updates on the state legislature’s activity and ways for you to get involved. But for now, take some time to catch up on sleep, spend time with your friends and family, and get ready for the new year.

Thank you again for everything you did this year to elect Democrats – your efforts made all the difference.

Please continue to use this newsletter as a tool for your local committee meetings or as a supplement to your own newsletter.  

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


Sue Ford                                                                  Sarah Guggenheimer
NHDP Grassroots Chair                                          Deputy Communications Director,
Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader                     NHDP                                  

Emma Tyler                                                             Erin Turmelle
Organizing Director, NHDP                                     Coordinated Campaign Director, NHDP                                           

Table of Contents

By the Numbers: What we Accomplished

Since the campaign began, we: 

Knocked on 397,969 doors,

Made 968,523 calls,

Sent 230,309 texts,

Collected 8,641 Commit to Vote cards,

Activated 2,832 in state volunteers,

Recruited 79 on-campus fellows,

Were lucky to have 48 incredible Field Organizers,

who were managed by 7 Regional Organizing Directors.

And our months and months of hard work paid off on Election Day:

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Meet the Democratic State Senate Caucus

Senate President nominee
Senator Donna Soucy (D-18)

Senate Majority Leader
Senator Dan Feltes (D-15)

Senator David Watters (D-4)
Senator Martha Hennessey (D-5)
Senator-elect Jeanne Dietsch (D-9)
Senator Jay Kahn (D-10)
Senator-elect Shannon Chandley (D-11)
Senator-elect Melanie Levesque (D-12)
Senator-elect Cindy Rosenwald (D-13)
Senator Kevin Cavanaugh (D-16)
Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-20)
Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-21)
Senator-elect Jon Morgan (D-23)
Senator-elect Tom Sherman (D-24)

Meet the Democratic State House Caucus

Speaker of the House nominee
Steve Shurtleff

Belknap County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
David Huot
Charlie St. Clair

Carroll County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Anita Burroughs
Harrison Kanzler
Steve Woodcock
Tom Buco
Jerry Knirk
Susan Ticehurst
Edie DesMarais
Ed Butler

Cheshire County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Michael Abbott
Lucy Weber
Paul Berch
Cathryn Harvey
John Mann
Dan Eaton
David Morrill
John Bordenet
David Meader
Sparky Von Plinsky
Donovan Fenton
Dick Ames
Doug Ley
Sandy Swinburne
Barry Faulkner
Jennie Gomarlo
Henry Parkhurst
Craig Thompson
Bruce Tatro
Joe Schapiro
Will Pearson

Coos County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Wayne Moynihan
Larry Laflamme
Henry Noel
Yvonne Thomas
Edith Tucker
Bill Hatch

Grafton County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Linda Massimila
Tim Egan
Sue Ford
Jerry Stringham
Kevin Maes
Richard Osborn
Suzanne Smith
Joyce Weston
Sallie Fellows
Roger Dontonville
Time Josephson
Polly Campion
Sharon Nordgren
Mary Jane Mulligan
Garrett Muscatel
Richard Abel
Susan Almy
Laurel Stavis
George Sykes
Elaine French
Denny Ruprecht
Francesca Diggs
Josh Adjutant

Hillsborough County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Marjorie Porter
Dan Pickering
Kermit Williams
Jennifer Bernet
Donna Mombourquette
David Woodburry
Cole Riel
Sue Mullen
Diane Langley
Jeff Goley
Linda DiSilvestro
Israel Piedra
Jean Jeudy
Pat Long
Nicole Klein
Don Bouchard
Amanda Bouldin
Andrew Bouldin
Kathy Desjardin
Mary Heath
Mary Freitas
Erika Connors
Josh Query
Barbara Shaw
Heidi Hamer
Tim Smith
Patty Cornell
Willis Griffith
Ken Snow
Bob Backus
Rosemarie Rung
Kathy Stack
Nancy Murphy
Wendy Thomas
Julie Radhakrishnan
Megan Murray
Paul Dargie
Joelle Martin
Peter Petrigno
Ivy Vann
Peter Leishman
Brett Hall
Michelle St John
Jan Schmidt
Bruce Cohen
Bill Bordy
Ray Newman
Sue Newman
Paul Bergeron
Sue Vail
Sherry Dutzy
Patricia Klee
Manny Espitia
Fred Davis
David Cote

Dan Toomey
Michael Pederson
Allison Nutting
Fran Nutter Upham
Mark King
Ken Gidge
Greg Indruk
Catherine Sofikitis
Deb Stevens
Skip Cleaver
Laura Telerski
Latha Mangipudi
Linda Harriott-Gathright
Marty Jack
Mike O’Brien
Jim Bosman
Chris Balch
Kt McGhee
Matt Willhelm
Jackie Chretien
Richard Komi
Chris Herbert
Ben Baroody
Connie Van Houten
Jane Beaulieu

Merrimack County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Ken Wells
Joyce Fulweiler
Tom Schamberg
Karen Ebel
Rod Pimentel
Beth Rodd
Clyde Carson
George Saunderson
Howard Moffett
David Luneau
Mary Jane Wallner
Mel Myler
Steve Shurtelff
Connie Lane
Beth Richards
Jim MacKay
Ryan Buchanan
Tim Soucy
Safiya Wazir
Kris Schultz
Christy Bartlett
Dave Doherty
Dianne Schuett
Alan Turcotte
Mary Beth Walz
Gary Woods
Samantha Fox
David Karrick
Rebecca McWilliams
Art Ellison
Katherine Rogers

Rockingham County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
David Coursin
Annie Warner
Mary Eisner
Mark Vallone
Liz McConnell
Ellen Read
Mike Cahill
Charlotte DiLorenzo
Julie Gilman
Skip Berrien
Lisa Bunker
Gabby Grossman
Deb Altschiller
Mike Edgar
Pat Bushway
Tom Loughman
Renny Cushing
Jim Maggiore
Dennis Malloy
Kate Murray
Jaci Grote
Laura Pantelakos
Becky McBeath
Peter Somssich
Gerry Ward
David Meuse
Jacki Cali-Pitts
Tamara Le
Patty Lovejoy

Strafford County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Matt Towne
Cassie Levesque
Jeff Salloway
Cam Kenney
Margie Smith
Judith Spang
Tim Horrigan
Janet Wall
Tim Fontneau
Donna Ellis
Chuck Grassie
Casey Conley
Tina Fargo
Linn Opderbecke
Sherry Frost
Ken Vincent
Susan Treleaven
Peter Bixby
Cecilia Rich
Gerri Cannon
Wendy Chase
Peter Schmidt
Tom Southworth
Catheryn Sandler
Peg Higgins
Sandy Keans
Amanda Gourgue

Sullivan County Representatives and Representatives-Elect
Lee Oxenham
Brian Sullivan
Andrew O-Hearne
Gary Merchant
Linda Tanner
John Coutier

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The 2018 election may be over, but that doesn’t mean our work ends. As we near next year’s legislative session, let us know if you’d like to get involved!  There are so many ways to help out!  You can volunteer to write letters to your local paper, call your local representatives, testify at hearings, or share posts on social media.


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