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Last week proved to be the worst week in Governor Sununu’s time in office, dashing his hopes for a successful second legislative session.

He abandoned a key campaign promise to support paid family and medical leave, letting this highly popular initiative fail on party-lines after he signaled his opposition. Then, the House Finance Committee rejected his school voucher bill SB 193, which will head to the House for a full vote this week. And Republicans and Democrats defied Sununu’s threat of veto to overwhelmingly pass a repeal of the death penalty.

The week culminated in the release of a UNH poll that showed 80% of Granite Staters still haven’t decided who to vote for in the gubernatorial election and that his support among Independents dropped by 8 points.

New Hampshire’s uncertainty about Sununu is a testament to the hard work Democrats around the state have put in to oppose his dangerous agenda and reveal him to be the photo-op governor he is. Let’s keep up this organization and engagement in the coming months to make him a 1-term governor!

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Sue Ford                                                                  Sarah Guggenheimer
NHDP Grassroots Chair                                          Deputy Communications Director,
Fmr. House Democratic Floor Leader                     NHDP                                  

Nick Taylor                                                              Erin Turmelle
Director, House and Senate Democrats                 Political Director, NHDP                                         

Table of Contents

Action Alert

Pizza & Politics: Last Call to Stop HB 1264 and HB 372Before the Senate votes on the voter suppression bill HB 1264 on Tuesday, join our partners to jump on the phones and urge Sununu to veto HB 1264 and its twin HB 372.

These twin pieces of legislation are designed by the GOP to suppress the student and others vote. While initially saying he “hates” HB 372, he’s refused to commit to veto either piece of legislation. Let’s keep up the pressure and tell Sununu to do the right thing on Tuesday!

The event will take place on Tuesday, 5pm-7pm, at 8 Carpenter St in Manchester. If you can’t attend the event but still want to make calls, click HERE and to RSVP click HERE.

Rally to Reauthorize Medicaid Expansion

Join partners on May 2nd to tell lawmakers that they must reauthorize this critical program. Medicaid Expansion provides coverage for over 50,000 Granite Staters and has proven to be one of our best tools fighting the opioid epidemic.

Show the New Hampshire legislature how important the reauthorization of this program is by joining our partners rallying to protect Medicaid!

The event will take place on the State House Lawn, on Wednesday, May 2nd at 8 am.


Sign Holding in Support of HB 1319

Join partners on May 2nd to show the strength of the transgender  equality movement and encourage the Senate to vote to protect transgender Granite Staters from discrimination. They’ll be meeting outside the Senate chambers to support HB 1319, before it’s vote on Wednesday.

The event will take place on the NH Senate Chambers, on Wednesday, May 2nd at 8:30 am.


On the Floor

Voter Suppression

Wednesday, May 2nd / Senate / Full Vote

SENATE – HB 1264suppressing college voters by establishing a modern-day poll tax

Why this matters: After 2016 election, New Hampshire became the first state in the post-Trump era to pass voter suppression legislation with SB 3. Now they’re back again with HB 1264 and HB 372, twin bills that would force legal voters to complete costly and time-consuming procedures to comply with overly burdensome residency requirements. This is a bill designed to disenfranchise legal voters because they tend to vote Democratic.

Take Action: Participate in the Pizza & Politics phone bank Tuesday night! See the “Action Alert” section for more details.

School Vouchers

Wednesday, May 2nd / House / Full Vote

HOUSE – SB 193-FNcreating a school voucher program

Why this matters: On Wednesday, the House is set to vote on the House Finance Committee’s recommendation to send this unconstitutional school voucher bill to Interim Study, effectively killing the bill. SB 193 would divert millions from public schools to unregulated private, religious, and parochial schools. This has been one of Sununu’s biggest legislative priorities, which is why we need to keep up the pressure to save our public schools.

Take Action: Call your State Representative to urge them to vote for the SB 193 Interim Study.

Medicaid Expansion

Wednesday, May 2nd / House / Full Vote

HOUSE – SB 313-FN, reauthorizing New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion program

Why this matters: The House is set to vote to reauthorize New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion after the House Finance Committee approved the proposal. The Expansion covers more than 50,000 Granite Staters and has proven to be one of our best tools fighting the opioid epidemic. It is incredibly important that this program is reauthorized in a way that ensures not one person loses their insurance.

Transgender Civil Liberties

Wednesday, May 2nd / Senate / Full Vote

SENATE- HB 1319, banning discrimination based on someone’s gender identity

Why this matters: The Senate will vote on HB 1319 on Wednesday after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on party  lines in opposition to the bill. HB 1319 would guarantee transgender Granite Staters have the civil liberties and protections they deserve. After this bill was tabled last year and Sununu said he had “no opinion” on the matter, it is crucial that this bill passes overwhelmingly and with bipartisan support.

Take Action: Hold signs outside the Senate Chamber before the vote. See the “Action Alert” section for details.

Commuter Rail

Wednesday, May 2nd / Senate / Full Vote

SENATE- HB 2018, New Hampshire’s 10-year transportation improvement program

Why this matters: Last week, New Hampshire Republicans once again removed commuter rail from our state’s 10-year transportation program. Before the final Senate vote, there is a chance for the full Senate body to add commuter rail back onto the plan, moving Granite Staters one step closer to finally having commuter rail after Sununu has flipped, flopped, flipped, flopped and flipped back again on the issue.

Please note: The House and Senate sessions both begin on Wednesday and continue through Thursday. These bills are all slated to receive a vote on Wednesday, but could be pushed to Thursday if debates about various bills run long.

Sununu Reality Check

The voter suppression bills, HB 372 and HB 1264, are making moves in the state house this week. HB 1264 is heading to the Senate floor with a 3-2 ought-to-pass recommendation from the Senate Election Law Committee. HB 372 is heading to a committee of conference after passing both chambers.While Governor Sununu’s spokesman has said he “has serious concerns with both House Bill 372 and House Bill 1264, and does not support either bill in their current form,” it’s notable that Sununu still has not pledged to veto either bill.

Watch the video below and on Twitter:

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